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Chinese Car

Now then, realize that China is not the only nation that is selling lots of cars and using more oil. In Vietnam they've sold so many cars that they don't have enough roads to drive all the vehicles on and now there are in constant traffic jams with scooters and motorized bicycles riding between all the cars stuck in traffic.
Everyone involved in China's car market now knows about the restrictions in Beijing regarding the registration of new vehicles. What has gotten the attention of many car buffs is the very low prices at which each model will be sold. If Chinese cars do arrive as expected, look for a massive change in the way entry level model cars are built and sold in the U.S. and Canada. Beyond that, the car is truly stripped.
Selling 2007 model year cars, both the Geely Automobile Company and the Chery Automobile Company are working with U.S. representatives to build nationwide dealer networks. Geely has similarly priced cars that they plan on marketing too.
Naturally, the quality of Chinese cars may be a big concern. Long term, prices across the board for all vehicles may begin to drop, especially as Chinese manufacturers start to market vehicles that are larger and better equipped than base models. Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and Hyundai all build cars here.

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